Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Beautiful World (Limited Ed) Mixed Medium Screen Prints by K-Guy

On Sale from this Friday (15th) we happy to present K-Guy's latest unique art pieces. We liked them so much we had to buy one ourselves... K-Guy's pieces sell on market for up to £5,000 and more so these little beauties are a good investment for collectors or just lovers of the genre... K-Guy is a good lad who does lots for charity so lets support this endeavor...

This is what K-Guy says about the new work...

'BEAUTIFUL WORLD: I've always been a big fan of hooking up with other   artists and this piece is my interpretation of Schoony's Boy Soldier   sculpture which was recently used as the cover art and poster   campaign for the Tiesto + Mark Knight single (Toolroom Records).  With my increasing passion for making screen print editions as unique   as possible, this set is not exactly hand finished but hand started.   There's a nice mix up of coloured paper, distressed gold and metal   leaf and some aerosol laid down to create some cool texture and   colour combos. Finished with a 2 colour screen print with varnish in   editions of only 15, priced at £120.00, signed numbered and blind   stamped.'

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