Sunday, April 10, 2011

i am a hefer, i go moo...

sleep over from Friday to Saturday with my friends, Chinese food and copious amounts of Doritos and lays chips. (BAD ELLE, PUT THAT SHIT DOWN)...i didn't.

woke up then slept Saturday away. that night i was 267, and then 262.2. this morning i was 261.0 so i'm back, no loss or gain, which suits me fine. until i made brownies. they've been starring at me from the cupboards since i bought them months ago. Dark Chocolate and Cheesecake Swirl = EVIL IN EDIBLE FORM. i have to run a mile today in order to stay on track with my schedule. i didn't run Thursday or Friday. i did homework instead.

it's nice out, i'm thinking a trip to the gym. all aboard the Fat train. i have no suitable work out clothes. all the pants i have hug my fat-hang. and to quote Marshall from How I Met Your Mother "leaving judgemental teeth marks on your thanksgiving belly." except substitute thankgsiving for EVERY DAY OF THE FUCKING YEAR. Blarg.

-brownies (500 cal- estimation)
-Chips and Bean Salsa (500 cal estimation)
Total: KILL ME



sorry i'm being a whiny bitch right now but i feel fat and lazy and bitchy and i wanna just throw myself a tiny pity party. i hate myself when i do this. i'll be back tomarrow.

Cinn- on your comment from 2 post ago, you gave me the best compliment by calling me Lolita, you know that. I love lolis and i desprately wanna be one. more weird from the wierd factory.
Clytie- THANKS, i didn't know you could order lite frappicinos, seriously, i'll try it. LOVE!!

To the followers who thanked me: YOU'RE WELCOME, JE T'AIME YA'LL. (southern french, yeah i just went there)

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