Tuesday, April 12, 2011

i got ya!!

the pic i posted last post:

get this, not actually mairanda kerr, her name is Q****. and she is a senior at my school. kill me, right. life is fucking unfair. she's some kind of fucking doppleganger for Miranda Kerr, and she just happens to shove her perky little ass (did i mention that she is a sex kitten, she's tiny, has boobs and an ass that make her riduculoisly hot, just saying) right in my face...EVERY DAY.


in better for my self-esteem news, things are better with S, i dunno what but something changed today where she wasn't whine-y today or anything. it was a good day. except for eating. i ended up having to buy lunch for H, and one cannot just buy a lunch for someone else w/o buy themselves a lunch sooo, and then mom took me to dinner. *FAILURe STAMPED ON FOREHEAD*
tomarrow is definite fast and THEN i'll wait till spring break for the ABC. it'llbe easier w/o the looming eyes of the people at my school. and by the 2nd week of the ABC it'll be easy to stay within the cal bounds.

Comments on Comments:
Rachel- holy hell you're back, you were gone for so long. hi, i've gotta go to your blog now and read your latest posts. i'm glad to hear from you babe.

Cinn- S can be trying at a lot of times but i love her and i'm in love with her and she's only the way she is because of the fucked up shit that's happened to her. i'm 95% sure that the only reason she became die hard christian is so she could have that sense of security. eventually she's realize that she has to pull her head outta the sand or she won't and i'll be there to pick up the peices when she breaks. i love her. my paper is good actually. one of my better works of last minute greatness, so hopefully it'll earn the grade it should get. also, what language was that? icelandic or maybe norwegian? north europeian? do tell. LOVES YOU!!

Ayla- Thanks babe, my paper is good and i'm just trying to breath through the failure that i'm incurring.

moonlight- hehe, see above, i hate/adore her (...Q, not Kerr, for her there is only love and envy in my heart) soo much. she really isn't a nice person but she's insanely gorgeous.

right now i have 2 0 cal cokes beside me (yes...2, i'm a greedy mo-fo)and i'm good,
hope you all are amazing today/tonight,

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