Thursday, April 21, 2011

I just can't stay away

hey lovlies,

Fast number one was a success and i was at 258.something by Wednesday, and then sleepover, which as my sleepovers can go, food wise, was pretty good. a bit of Chinese food and Doritos.

was at 262.4 this evening so hoping for a 261 to start my fast tomorrow, from 10 pm tonight - 10 am Saturday. 36 hours, it sounds lovely. if i could possibly go Saturday w/o eating it would make my day. salad and light Italian dressing for dinner (2 servings,400 cal all together) so like 800 for the day. bravo.

here's fingers crossed for a binge free weekend for all, enjoy your spring breaks/Easters/or just nondenominational weekends, whatever the may hold.

hey, quick question: what's all of your guy's workouts like? i need to find one that i can do and not feel like it's torture. i like yoga and dancing but would rather not do them in public.
Elle, again.

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