Monday, April 11, 2011

impromptu fast, here i come

the following post may contain language not suitable for all viewers, Viewer discression is advised.

i'm back up to 262.2. fuck it all. i'm fasting this fucking weight off. WATER AND GUM only, no exceptions. and when i'm done with the fast it's ABC time. along with my workout schedule. let's rock this motherfucker. i'm so ready to be tiny, and i don't know what's holding me back but i don't even give a shit anymore, I WANNA BE SKINNY!!!!! *....and scene*

sorry, anger makes all the nasty words fall from my mouth. in other news, S is bothering the SHIT outta me. we have out Junior Paper due wensday and she is COMPLAINING and freaking out when it's really not that bad. like, she has maybe 1-2 hours of work left and 2 days to do it in. i have the actuall PAPER to write and those 2 hours of work, i'm close to just telling her to STFU. *and breathe*

also, her boyfriend's parents are anal nazi-christians. S CANNOT CALL HER BOYFRIEND, she won't kiss him (they're saving it for their marriage, along with sex, OBVIOUSLY @.@), his parents make him have a sibling chaperone everytime they see each other, it's freaking insane, how the hell are you to adequately get to know someone with your family breathing down your fucking neck. and of course S comes to me to, well, not really complain 'cause she would never out right complain, but roundaboutly complain. where she'll tell me the situation and sigh heavily so i ask what's wrong and then she tells everything with this tone that implies complaining. have i mentioned that he told her that he was hurt when she told him that she doesn't have time to talk to him every day. she now has a job, homework, and a family she basically mothers, she really doesn't need a freaking clingy BF right now, she needs someone she can cry to and hug.

ARGGGG, ANGER, and the worst part is i can't tell her this b/c it would break her heart and kill me in the process.

also tell me who this is:
just guess who you think this is. i'll tell you next post.

extremely sorry for the rant post, i just needed to let that anger go in a non-violent manner. Blogger got the short straw. ALSO!!!! (god, so many also's) i have 85 FUCKING AMAZING FOLLOWERS. *pagant girl voice* Oh...MY... GOD, i didn't expect this, oh my god, thank you *tears while uselessly waving my hand at my face*

though seriously, i love yeh.

CINN- i LOVE YOU SOOOOOO MUCH, it's rediculous, i laugh at all your comments, Je T'aime, Ma Cherie.

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