Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Portable PowerArchiver Standard 2011 12.00.41 RC3

PowerArchiver contains all the basic features you would expect from a compression program / archive utility - you can read and extract from many different formats and you can also create archives in many different formats, including 7-Zip which is one of the best compression formats currently used. What makes PowerArchiver different from many similar utilities is the wealth of advanced features it has. Simply put, PowerArchiver is one of the most innovative utilities of its kind and many features you now take for granted in a compression utility were first offered in PowerArchiver.

DuckLoad: http://hides.at/b38adb6ad6a1feeb8a0bdaed45d2ccb0
FileSonic: http://hides.at/88c6a5697f1058d23723384c67981b7e
FreakShare: http://hides.at/66bb4c5ff5a2a3cbfedfe147614d9074
FreakShare: http://hides.at/d15eecdb471fd0e8194df0099ea95107

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