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Yogurt Cake Recipe | Yogurt Cake Recipe Low Fat 2011 | 2011 Yogurt Cake Recipe With Oil | Yogurt Cake Recipe Lemon 2011

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Two basic ingredients to make your own yogurt in the yogurt manufacturer, milk and starter. If you like for your yogurt to a thin consistency and then use low fat milk. If you use milk that has been refrigerated, heat until it comes to a boil. Allow to cool before the heat kills the bacteria or cultures. When the milk reaches room temperature, so you can add your starter.

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When selecting a starter, select a container of plain yogurt from the store, and make sure that the live bacteria cultures. Make sure the yogurt has not expired, because the bacteria will weaken with time. You can also use dry yogurt culture, which comes in the package, cheap and can be purchased in stores healthier.

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Once you add the starter to the milk, mix well. If you stir too hard or not enough, the ability to be influenced by the growth of bacteria and can lead to bad results. At this point you can pour the mixture into a pre heated yogurt.

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